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Jake and Abe get sentimental on their slow-jam with Emily King, “What’s Never Gone"

Abe Rounds and Jake Sherman are two rockin’ dudes who make some pretty smooth music. With Sherman based in Brooklyn and Rounds residing in Los Angeles, they are a bi-coastal jazzy duo with surprising capability performing as Jake and Abe. The song features their friend, Emily King, recent Grammy nominee for Best R&B Performance. Their single, “What’s Never Gone” featuring Emily King is a smooth and soulful track from three friends, and an Instagram post. 

King said about the song, "I had posted a little a cappella clip on IG last year at the start of the pandemic. I was singing about trying not to miss someone in the hopes that we’d all soon be together again. The next thing I knew my friends Jake and Abe had made a whole damn song out of this IG clip. It was so beautiful and natural.”

King’s description of the song is spot on, it’s beautiful, fun, and naturally cohesive between the three musicians who made it. “'What’s Never Gone” is a slow-paced feel-good song with a lot of character. It’s conversational lyrics are lighthearted and meaningful, capturing the gratitude in having someone be missing, and wishing “to be back before too long.”

Sherman said about the song, “"It was a few weeks into the pandemic and my whole tour had just been cancelled. Emily had posted a video of herself singing an a capella verse and chorus that she had just written and Abe sent it to me and said, ‘Write some chords.’” The song was laid-out, King recorded vocals for the full version, and here we are. The online collaboration in this song shows through the lyrics, they all miss each other! It’s a sweet song that offers remedy in the slow-moving chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic. If this is what they can come up with when they’re apart, it will be great to hear them once they are all able to meet up again. 

Connect with Jake and Abe: Bandcamp | Instagram | YouTube



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