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Hot Fever gives us straight fire on 'Airpod Music'

Florida-based artist Hot Fever just released a multifaceted EP titled Airpod Music—a thrilling mix of intense lyricism, conscious rapping, loud bass and a hypnotic electronic production. 

Airpod Music is Hot Fever's first project. Prior to this, he was just consistently dropping freestyles on Instagram. His fifth single, "I be sippin henny," really got the attention of many. Although Airpod Music has only recently been released, it has already reached over 27,000 streams on Spotify alone. 
Starting off the EP with "Get Your Mind Right," Hot Fever gives us what he undeniably excels in: a powerful freestyle. Filled with brilliant bars and a powerful message of pain and struggle turned into beauty, we enter the depths of his mind, swimming through the poetic lyricism. The second track, "Slow Your Row," gives us a different feeling, putting us in a day-dream. Over a thumping bass, his calm yet projecting vocal tone is filled with a captivating strength. 
Ending the project with "Go For Yours," Hot Fever addresses different prejudices, with profound lyrics such as, "Black Lives Matter too...they got offended instead of being empathetic." The intelligent rhymes are filled with a conscious message while the sounds incorporate a jazz background, especially the piano keys, mixed with '90s boom bap beats.
Overall, this EP gives us the perfect amount of versatility through the manifold sounds and the vigorous lyricism that makes Hot Fever an exciting artist to watch. 
Connect with Hot Fever: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 


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