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Visual 9 shares organic new video for "On Bro" [Video]

Visual 9 has shared a new music video for his song "On Bro".

Visual 9 was born in Cleveland, but moved to Kent, Ohio at 11 years old. He began creating music seriously in high school, eventually rising through the ranks of the Ohio hip-hop scene until he became known as one of the premier up-and-coming voices in the area. His debut album came in 2018's The Element, an organic, smoky album that featured poetic rhymes and laid back instrumentals. Due to the hype the album generated, Visual 9 began to perform at venues across the USA, including the legendary House of Blues.

For his latest single "On Bro", Visual 9 comes through with a soulful, relaxed offering. The instrumental, produced by Dawg9000, is elegant and laid back, featuring pensive keys and natural sounding drums. Rich bass locks in the beat as Visual 9 flows effortlessly overtop. Moreover, the production is textured and layered, giving the song an engrossing warmth.

The accompanying visual for "On Bro", directed by Benjamin Chew and Visual 9 himself, is equally easy-going and genuine. Shot inside Visual 9's apartment and at a variety of local spots around his town, the video's overall mood is down to earth and authentic. It presents a realistic depiction of a young artist finding his way in life. Visual 9's performance is assured, and it is clear throughout the video that he values authenticity deeply.

Overall, "On Bro" is a touching release from Visual 9. It is bittersweet, emotional, and real, presenting the artist at his most vulnerable without any veil or wall. The authenticity of this release is admirable, and makes one look forward to what the future holds for this artist.

Connect with Visual 9: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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