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PARTYOFØNE taps into the energy from his "Sugar Rush"

Emerging UK pop fusion act PARTYOFØNE popped up on our radar with his unique off-the-cuff style. The Chadderton raised singer is not one to be boxed in and just lets the music speak for itself as he takes bits and pieces from different genres to fully express his creativity. His new release "Sugar Rush" is exactly what the title means with its upbeat and vibrant sound. Inspired by his own path to finding happiness, he pens the track as an ode to finding something that connects with your inner spirit. It could be books, music, food, or even uncontrolled substances, he acknowledges that everyone has their own unique buzz and this song is directed at them.

His vocal presentation is chilled, somewhat nonchalant, and also reminds me of a mix of Justin Beiber with an edgy alternative vibe. The production here is a mixed bag as well with elements of dark-pop, electronic, and dance styles peppered by offbeat arrangements. "Sugar Rush" is his lead single from his forthcoming project, Nightm4re. The blossoming star also adds vie email that he'd like to star in movies, horror flicks preferably, and maybe work on some offbeat documentary as he builds his catalog.
PARTYOFØNE is quite a character and seems like an artist-to-watch in 2021 but let's see how it goes.
Connect with PARTYOFØNE: Youtube | SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram
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