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Saint Nomad want you to "Stay"

Already onto their third single of 2021, Nashville-based band of brothers Saint Nomad are truly on a hot streak with perhaps their hardest hitting effort to date, "Stay."

Seemingly raising the bar with each release thus far this year, we've heard the tender anthemia of "How Much Longer" back in January, which was promptly followed by the stadium-ready melodies of "Heart On Drugs," and now with their latest single, their sibling synergy is clearly at an all-time high.

Throughout the past year, there's been a lot of both conversation and controversy about the topics of division and unity across the world, and this track arrives to champion the latter. "'Stay' was written as our anthem in response to the division we're seeing in our culture and in our country," the band explains in an email statement.

What better way to deliver and maintain this valuable message of hope and inclusivity than with an absolutely killer track that's sure to instantly get stuck in your head. Saint Nomad waste no time in making this fact very apparent, cutting straight into a raucous energy provided by the uplifting and delightfully gritty melodies. Masterfully toying with the dynamics as they cut into the more bare-boned verses, the darker shades that they provide slowly tilt back to the jubilant optimism of the stratospheric chorus by virtue of each buoyant detail.

The band conclude the same statement with, "Seems like people are increasingly being pitted against each other, and we just want to foster love, understanding, and mutual respect. There’s nothing more powerful than truly loving people where they are at. We want people to be honest, express themselves, and still know that we can be family and friends. And we’re going to stay that way."

"Stay" is available now via Curb | Word Entertainment.

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