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Local Boy talks self-help on his new single "Al Bundy" [Music Video]

With multiple releases this week, Burner Records have been extremely busy and co-founder Local Boy is adding himself into the mix with his new single "Al Bundy". 

Local Boy, formerly known as Jake Hurley, has been making waves on the Irish music scene for a few years now. Big tracks such as "Haircut", "Dance With Me Tonight Please" and "Bright Days" and his debut EP Local Boy Ruins Everything have proven to be the perfect formula of acoustic ballads mixed with self deprecating humour that the current generation of music consumers have just eaten up. Having several festival appearances under his belt, it seemed that 2020 was primed to be a big year for Local Boy. Unfortunately, COVID-19 changed those plans. 

However, now its 2021 and Local Boy is back with his new single "Al Bundy". This track see's him dive into the artist dichotomy and relationship with depression. He discusses how this artistic pursuit can be extremely lonely and mentally damaging. Local Boy also discusses all the things we are told to do to get out of a depressive cycle. He humorously reflects on all the self help he has tried and how it has ended up not effecting his mood at all. This track is an expression of the paranoia of being an artists. The lyricism on offer and sheer talent involved in bringing this concept to life is truly remarkable.

This track is self produced and is built around the core of Local Boy's fantastic guitar playing. The electronic drum loop underneath this keeps the track moving in a really great way. This track is infectious, funny and thought provoking. A true statement from Local Boy. It is only a matter of time before this Local Boy goes worldwide.

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