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greek shares atmospheric new single "falling"

greek, a self-described “bedroom R&B” artist, broke onto the scene with his 2020 single “when the world is on fire.”Now the Virginia musician greek is back with an atmospheric new single entitled “falling”.

Through soulful vocals and mellow guitar lines, greek's previous release “when the world is on fire" captured the hearts of a wider audience. Its undeniable charm and catchiness boosted greek’s career to a new level. However, his newest single “falling” is an equally likeable offering featuring stripped-back instrumentation and powerful, raw vocals.

“falling”, produced by greek himself, features atmospheric, reverb-soaked guitar lines backed by an organic-sounding bass. Raw drums hold a steady pace as ambient background vocals fill the room to create balance within the instrumental. greek comes through with some smooth, sturdy vocal lines that are both intriguing and catchy. Topically, the song focuses on a relationship being passed up on for sake of personal growth- a relatable theme for many people today.

Overall, “falling” is a solid release from a young musician whose career is nascent. Considering he has only broken onto the scene recently, greek shows a lot of focus and poise. He seems to know what he wants to achieve with his songwriting, and the clarity he possesses comes through strongly on this single. One can only envision a bright future for greek.

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16 days ago

let’s goooo @idkgreek

16 days ago

let’s gooooo @idkgreek

Jared Weatherby
Jared Weatherby
16 days ago

Let’s goooooo @idkgreek