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MyKey showcases DIY talent on new EP 'Welcome to the Witching Hour'

Rising indie-pop star MyKey wrote Welcome to the Witching Hour during the late hours of the night, when the world gets a little quieter. Each song on the nine-track record, executive produced by marinelli, clocks in under three minutes. Quirky but emotionally intelligent, the EP offers a comforting nostalgia that deserves to be played on repeat. 

Imbued with the nostalgia of teenage freedom, “Mazda5” (feat. marinelli) opens the record with a love letter to MyKey’s first car. This lighthearted jam mixes percussive strums, dreamy keys, and good humour to accompany the perfect windows-down spring drive. The bittersweet “Madly” (feat. Lonely God) chronicles the trouble of falling for someone when you can’t commit. A repeating piano note anchors the gentle song even as the rest of the production breaks down into something more abstract.  

“Sweet Tooth” is the kind of softly sung love song that makes you romanticize everything around you. MyKey croons “You’re my sweet tooth cure all / I look stupid with a smile / ‘Cause you’re my candy aisle” in a warm, vintage tone. The breakdown takes the track's ending for a left turn as thrashing drums cut through the sweet melody to reveal a heavier side to his infatuation. On "Kneepads," MyKey mirrors this structure. The track begins with simple, acoustic charm but ends with reckless abandon towards his own heart.

The record then continues with a few more quiet and sweetly introspective tunes before closing out with the short "Marshmallow Moons". A true labor of love, Welcome to the Witching Hour puts MyKey's heart on full display, and it is a joy to witness. 

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