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Belle Tower releases cosmically-inspired single "She Moves in Phases" ahead of debut EP

To best absorb “She Moves in Phases”, the new single by indie-folk artist Belle Tower, you should don a Stevie Nicks aesthetic and walk beneath a bright moon. The lo-fi instrumental style builds delicately from a solo guitar to multiple sonic elements that layer and intermingle; transfixing you until the end. 

Isabella Harned, the name behind Belle Tower, gathers her influences from time spent between Tiohtià:ke/Montreal and Xwilkway/Halfmoon Bay in British Columbia. However, to place her geographically is almost against the otherworldly spirit she audibly generates when she sings. “She Moves in Phases” looks to the skies to grasp and explore identity, using the moon moving in its many natural phases as a comparison to a past lover: forever changing night by night. This single is the fourth which precedes Harned's debut EP tend to, out April 27th. Each track so far creates a world of its own through softly swaying vocals and aesthetically raw instrumentals. 

Connect with Belle Tower: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Folk · Indie


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much did you get these for? Amazon?
much did you get these for? Amazon?
4 months ago

Oooh show us the illustrations too! Do you mean eaven the ones on the cover are Carroll's?