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yl shares fresh new visual for "on ice" [Video]

Raised in New York, yl has made a name for himself throughout the decade, crafting a series of high-quality albums. Now the rapper yl is back with a brand new music video for his latest single "on ice."

yl's first album, Open 24, introduced fans to his unique sound—a lo-fi, gritty concoction of soulful samples, dusty drums, and poetic verses. Since then, he has released a multitude of under-rated works, including lo.ceasar 1 & 2, collaborations with fellow New York rapper Starker.

For his new single "on ice," yl and producer noface present a fresh take from his previous work, and somewhat of a departure from the jazzy style people have become familiar with. The beat is noisy and industrial, featuring creaking, metallic samples laid overtop dirty drums. Subtle, clattering percussion accents the beat, adding a layered effect to the production. Overtop, yl brings his characteristically smooth flow and clever lyrics, rhyming at a steady pace over the glitchy beat.

The visual for "on ice", shot by revenxnt, is raw and minimalistic. It depicts yl rapping in a variety of NYC locations, showing the character of the city. Filmed on a cold, crisp day, the visual's frigid setting adds to the wintery mood of this new single.

Overall, "on ice" is a solid offering that showcases the diverse range of yl. Despite it being a departure from his previous sound, he tackles the beat with ease. The industrial instrumental is intriguing and keeps the listener coming back for more. Also, the accompanying visual is aesthetically appealing and captures the song's mood perfectly.

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