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Wax Owls brings us back to simpler days with “By My Side”

Los Angeles indie/alt trio Wax Owls unleashes their single and its heartwarming accompanying video for “By My Side”.  The track shines with raw, emotive vocals coasting atop punchy piano, horns and glistening guitars. The song is an ode to childhood and those easier times before we became bogged down with responsibilities. More specifically, it is paying homage to member Gerry Hirschfeld's life growing up in the San Fernando Valley. He reveals in a statement, "I grew up near a nature refuge called Orcutt Ranch that had orange tree groves, a small creek, and great old oak trees. I wanted this song to be a reminder of the simpler times spent with loved ones and an homage to the idyllic days I spent at Orcutt catching tadpoles, picking oranges, and climbing trees."

The video fits seamlessly to the song’s nostalgic essence with things like a game of hide-and-seek, playing video games and even just the fact that the characters themselves are puppets. The visuals tell a tender tale of two friends who slowly grew apart as one is a workaholic, constantly putting their career above all else. In the end that person realizes there is more to life then just our adult duties and goes to hang with his friend. This reminds us that no matter how overwhelming things get, we always have our friends to keep us grounded.

Wax Owls is known for beautifully blended harmonies and gritty rock arrangements.  Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Hirschfeld’s crisp honeyed vocals glow with a unique raspy radiance. Reminiscent of artists like Kings Of Leon and The Lumineers, a captivating folk air is present in every release. “By My Side” has that same rich quality. Check out the sentimental song and earnest visuals now.

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