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Nuela Charles just needs a little "Space" in alt-pop and soul anthem

Alternative, soul, pop queen Nuela Charles is wowing us with her groovy new tune “Space.” After getting creative with multi-platinum/diamond record producer Don Mills (known for his work with Juice WRLD and many more), Charles then moved the track into the palms of JUNO Award Nominated producer Ryan Worsley, who popped the cherry on the cake of this hit tune. This is the sultry, energized anthem for dealing with that push and pull of needing something different to what you want. The song narrates the need for space from your love interest to avoid anymore conflict, but not wanting it on the receiving end. Relationships can be hard however when you're wrapped up in the whirlwind of love, we often forget that people just sometimes simply need their personal space.

The Canadian-based singer shares, “space has kind of turned into what I wish I would’ve said - my alter ego so to speak – that sassy voice that won’t take no for an answer.” Taking inspiration from her globe-trotting, multicultural upbringing, with time spent in both Switzerland and Kenya, the tune embodies these influences resulting in quite the funky combination of sounds. “Why do you pull me in close, close enough to get a taste if you’re just gonna ghost, leave me out in the cold,” Charles sings, telling us about those very relatable moments.

The single is rich in move-inducing, slapping bass lines, tropical trumpet pumps and echoing, sassy backing vocals that infuse the tune with even more of that smoky, Charles goodness. The song has a snappy, lively beat to it with some funk guitar riffs and wild characterful riffs and melodies, exploding in movement, texture. Irresistibly dance-worthy, "Space" is going to be your 2021 anthem.

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Alt-Pop · Neo-Soul


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