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Cheridomingo “Swallow” their feelings in their feisty new single

Cheridomingo have just unveiled their new single and video for the energetic “Swallow.” A vibrant song which touches on how we’re all guilty of articulating our feelings in a childish nature, the four-piece alt rock band sends us a reminder, that a lot of hurt can be prevented, if we just communicate in a better way.

Hailing from Simi Valley, California, the Cheridomingo let loose in “Swallow,” with their music expressing their pent up emotions and angst. Through crashing drums, raucous guitars and passionate vocals, the track ricochets with power and ardor.

The accompanying dark, cinematic video is like a scene out of your favorite action movie. Packed with tension and drama, the video emphasizes the meaning behind the track and how sour a situation can become from miscommunication. Formed in 2018, the band are known for bringing people together and creating a community for listeners through their invigorating live shows, Cheridomingo have built a fervent fanbase. Singer Anthony Avina shares, “we just want to write songs that we like, and that in a live setting can bring people some energy. our message has always been a sense of togetherness.”

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