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Cromby selects 5 essential Rekids tracks to celebrate the release of "Twisted Future"

Irish DJ and producer Cromby begins 2021 with a bang, joining Radio Slave's Rekids label to release his latest EP. Twisted Future takes us on a cosmic trip, showcasing Cromby’s ear for euphoric, tweaked out techno. The four track EP feels like a journey; from the nostalgia of “IXP-42” to the acid squelches of “Vortex,” all bases are covered — and the atmosphere only grows throughout. "Relief" is set to be the sound of the summer, with ravey acid lines, intense percussion and a splattering of vocals making it — the — perfect fezzy banger.

Utilising the sounds of hardware throughout the release, Cromby dives deep into classic sound palettes to create something totally fresh. Each track is an exuberant, dancefloor-ready cut, and we’re more than ready to be blasting these tunes under the sun this summer. In 2020, Cromby launched his own label Potency, which was formed "as a creative outlet for my own explorations between the realms of house, techno and acid, combining old school rhythms with new school flavours".  Twisted Future sees Cromby delve even further into this sound, carving out his unique approach to techno that sets him apart from the crowd. To celebrate his debut release on the iconic label, Cromby shares with EARMILK his five essential Rekids releases.

Radio Slave - "I Don't Need A Cure For This" (Kenny Larkin Remix)

This one is a classic and maybe my personal favourite from the label. I remember hearing it in clubs and playing it when it first came out. It just takes you on an emotional journey. I dug it out again and played it during my last closing set at Panorama Bar last February, which was to be one of the last parties pre-lockdown. That was a special moment. 

Spencer Parker - "I Think I Love You"

I remember hearing this one for the first time in a mix by a friend and thinking "Ohh what's this?!" I love the playfulness of the bass and the trademark Spencer Parker jacking hats. The vocal rounds it off nicely. An absolute groover!

Matt O'Brien - "Serotone"

Hypnotic stomper from Matt O'Brien, this is peak early Rekids for me. A bouncing bassline keeps the track ticking over before the spooky keys creep in. Next thing there's the big wirey synth to make your head fall off on the dancefloor. Love it. 

Mr G - "Jet Black"

Mr G, Mr f*ckin G. What a legend, was hard to pick a favourite of the tracks he's put out on Rekids! I'd recommend checking out this whole album; it's full of heaters. I picked this one as it reminds me of my b2b sessions with Sally C.

Nicola Gala - "Only" (Ryan Elliott Remix)

Tried to round this off with one not so well-known track from the back catalogue, which still really stands out for me. This track is quite reserved, but has shimmering hats and beautiful synths that build throughout. Perfect for a bit of downtime on the dancefloor. 

Twisted Future can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Cromby: Spotify | Facebook | Instagram

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