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TK Rhodes is shameless on debut single "Rat Race"

This past year, while difficult, has also fostered new projects and collaborations that likely wouldn't have transpired otherwise; one of which is the recently formed band, TK Rhodes. Comprised of singer-songwriter Kyle Tkatch, of Karmic, and multi-instrumentalist Josh Lippi, of Josh Lippi & The Overtimers, the two have come together to give us their empowering debut single, "Rat Race," produced by Samuel Murphy, co-founder of Bad Owl Records.

Rat race is defined as "a way of life in which people are caught up in a fiercely competitive struggle for wealth or power," and this song embodies that definition through and through. The track starts with electric guitar that immediately impassions listeners, before Tkatch's sultry vocal takes control. The attitude of the pre-chorus establishes a brazen attitude as she sings, "Ooooo, look out honey / Better watch your step / Ooooo don't want your money / There ain't nothing left." It's in the chorus that the competitive nature of a rat race takes hold as she sings about coming head to head with someone, to ultimately claim triumph. 

Though the song isn't a duet, at times throughout it feels as though the electric guitar and Tkatch are not jut complimenting each other, but pushing the other forward. Neither become overpowering, but it adds an element of rivalry to the song's tone that only heightens it's original messaging of competition. It comes at no surprise that "Rat Race" was placed in the show Shameless, as the keen, rock leaning, coloring of the track makes it a perfect fit. Though this last year has been detrimental in so many ways, it has also brought about this fortuitous pairing who have given us a new alt-rock anthem that has the ability to empower so many, in an otherwise dark time. 

Connect with TK Rhodes: Spotify | Instagram

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8 months ago

sooooo good!!