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Goldkimono's new single is as warm as the "Morning Sun"

Netherlands-based singer-songwriter, producer, artist and purveyor of good vibes, Goldkimono keeps things moving with the aptly timed "Morning Sun."

The past year has been a long and tumultuous one, often steered by uncertainty, unnecessary stress and pain. Just as we sweep into spring, hope finally arrives by virtue of an end in sight for both the situation at large and what feels like the longest winter for many years, and this track champions that light at the end of the tunnel.

"Morning Sun is about beginning anew," outlines Goldkimono in an email statement. His latest single parcels up this newfound hope into an affable, uplifting and empowering bohemian-pop track that focusses on the fresh start we all so desperately need. "A fresh day allows us to step into some new shoes," he continues. "A new way of thinking. This song is about rising above our mental roadblocks with the energy of a new day. It ensures that we can regain confidence in ourselves and our abilities. So we can live a wholesome life and move forward with plenty of positives. To find a place where we are no longer held back by the past. Just hi-fives from now on, and movement towards only a smooth horizon."

Transformative from the offset, the brightly jovial guitars immediately apply Goldkimono's trademark casually carefree atmosphere. Their steadfast upbeat rhythms maintain throughout to perpetuate the similarly staccato vocals, with the pockets often filled by sublime vocal harmonies. As  "Morning Sun" slowly moves through it's softly fluctuating dynamics, it's hard to not get swept up by the remarkably infectious positivity, and if anything, acts as a valuable reminder that things will indeed get better.

"Morning Sun" is available now via Camp Kimono Records / EPIC Amsterdam.

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