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Irish rap-pop duo Tebi Rex exclaim "Oh It Hurts" on new single [Video]

Tebi Rex have been on the tip of everyone in the Irish music scenes tongue for some time now and they are back with a brand new track titled "Oh It Hurts".

Tebi Rex have had the attention of the tastemakers in Ireland from the word go. With acclaimed releases such as the duo's debut EP Welcome to the Darkest Year of Our Adventures and the incredibly well received debut album The Young Will Eat The Old, it was obvious to see that Tebi Rex were leading the way when it came to the bubbling Irish music scene . This thought process was further established on a worldwide scale with the duo's performances at SXSW and ESNS lined up for 2021. After the release of the surprise EP Brackets toward the end of last year, we couldn't contain our excitement as we entered the sixth chapter of the novel that is Matt & Max's baby Tebi Rex. 

"Oh It Hurts" see's the duo dip into a more alternative side of their artistry. With an infectious baseline combined with an electric lead guitar that carries the record, Max and Matt tackle the topics of loss, love and the pain that comes with each of those emotions. The chorus is an injection of high energy into the record with sputtering electronics, moving 808's and live drum pockets. This structure provides an excellent flow to the record and the somewhat subdued section toward the end of the record provides an sobering finish. 

Tebi Rex have the world at their feet. It seems like whatever the quirky duo touch turns to gold at the moment. We often speak on artists who have sparks of blue flame and this is what it seems we are in the midst of with Matt and Max. These boys are prolific and show no signs of slowing down any time soon. Keep your eye on Tebi Rex. 

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