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Ricky Montgomery teams up with chloe moriondo to revive “Mr Loverman”

A month after releasing “Line Without A Hook” feat. mxmtoon, Ricky Montgomery is back with a new version of his indie-pop breakthrough “Mr Loverman.” Originally released in 2016, the song amassed millions of streams during the pandemic thanks to its sincere and vulnerable lyrics. The reimagined track features rising bedroom pop star chloe moriondo, allowing her dreamy voice to breathe new life into its delicately crafted verses. 

The chorus took TikTok by storm with its description of queer yearning in the lyrics “I’m Mr. Loverman / And I miss my lover, man”. Ricky, however, is not one to write a song with just one meaning. Drawing on his own family trauma, the verses tackle issues ranging from alcoholism to closeted sexuality. The production lends a gentle hand to this sensitive subject matter with swaying acoustic guitar strums and a sing-along chorus. 

Ricky’s intimate, soothing, and downright catchy songwriting recently earned him a deal with Warner Records. With plans to release new music in the coming months, his momentum shows no signs of stopping. 

Connect with Ricky Montgomery: Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | TikTok

Connect with chloe moriondo: Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | TikTok


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