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Baker Grace just wants to "Be Ok" [Video]

Baker Grace's new song "Be Ok" is the song we all need right now. Her vulnerability and her sweet voice are so soothing.

She immediately hooks you in her opening lines, "I just wanna take it slow, just wanna be alone. I wanna take a breath and conquer all of the pain that I can't erase." The soft instrumentation and her gentle vocals feel like the world is just slowing down for a minute. When she repeats "be okay" in the chorus, it really serves as a reminder. We all need to stop and reassess.

The video perfectly shows that specific train of thought, the point of a breakdown. No matter what it is, stranded in a car breakdown, or any other myriad of problems. The initial anger, feeling defeated, but then you take a moment and gather yourself back up.

With the pressure facing young artists and the amount of scrutiny on social media, Grace's message is so important. She explains, in a recent press release, "It is so easy to get caught up in other people's ideas of perfection, but I know that success, fame, and praise are meaningless if I can't accept and appreciate myself for who I really am." Sometimes the most important thing we can do is take care of ourselves even when there's so much pressure to be more.

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