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Torii Wolf carries us to another time and place with new single “Deep”

Piercing pop talent Torii Wolf concocts a lush, sinking sound that pulls you at the core with new tune “Deep.” The song’s fragile, haunting vocals float atop an airy minimalistic soundscape. Transporting you to a dark, yet heavenly world, the song details being so deeply connected to someone, you get lost in a wave of emotions. Teaming up with brother Louy, it is their first release they have collaborated on together. Wolf reveals in a statement, “Louy has taken to production as well as writing and singing. Our styles are different but we are still very connected in the way we create.”

The singer crafts powerful music with a truly transcendent quality. Displaying a warm tone and ethereal arrangements, it allows listeners to really absorb the delicate vastness Wolf's offerings bring. A firm believer in leaving the labels behind, this intoxicating talent creates from a place that feels authentic and true. Throughout their 15-year career, Wolf experimented with a host of musical genres from singer-songwriter to hip-hop. Though the style has gone through many evolutions,  the theme of vulnerability has always remained at the forefront. “Deep” provides that same intriguing intimate quality. 

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