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Haley Joelle releases moving debut single "Emergency Contact"

Portland, Oregon-born singer-songwriter Haley Joelle has been making a name for herself behind the scenes writing for other artists for a couple years now, and recently began to step into the spotlight by performing her own unreleased original songs on her TikTok. Recently, a video of hers with a reference to the popular show The Bachelor went viral, and new fans started demanding she releases the song. So now, "Emergency Contact" is out for all to enjoy.

"Emergency Contact" is all about the person whose name she puts on forms as her emergency contact. It's a unique way of looking at a relationship, and Joelle does it with such effortlessness and authenticity that it's impossible not to love. Sonically, "Emergency Contact" is a minimal pop ballad driven by a catchy piano melody. The song's few elements leave room for Joelle's sincere lyrics to be as powerful as can be; every phrase is a vital component of the story that draws real emotion out of the listener. 

"Emergency Contact" is a phenomenal first showing from an artist who will undoubtedly have a strong career ahead of her. 

Connect with Haley Joelle: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram | TikTok 



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