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Artist Jared Alto puts everything out in the “Open” in debut single

East London based queer artist Jared Alto didn’t start out with passion for music. In fact, he discovered his vocal skills after drunkenly contacting a vocal coach late one night on Gumtree. While most drunken incidents are something people tend to regret the morning after, this case worked well in Jared’s favor, jumpstarting his musical career. Today, Jared Alto is releasing his first single “Open”, a vulnerable, slow pop track that’s perfect to introduce the world to his sound and lyricism.

Starting out with resounding piano, Alto’s light and warm vocals help build into a sonic production. The track wavers between intimate and expansive moments, sending listeners in and out of reality. When Alto croons, “When you say nothing at all / That’s when I fall”, one can hear the revelation he has to appreciate the little moments of life and with others. His soft baritone voice and ethereal soundscapes may remind some of Troye Sivan, but still, Alto shows a style that’s distinctly his own.

Alto gave some context for track, explaining, "The song is about appreciating the little moments in life, the ones we tend to take for granted with someone," explains Alto. "It shows glimpses of things that would never make it on a social media feed. When I wrote the lyrics, I couldn’t shift the thought that we only stop to remember little details once it’s too late. And when it is too late, we’re haunted by the doubts and regrets." He gives a powerful message that most can appreciate and try to keep in mind in their own daily lives.

Alto has more tracks just ready to release soon, so be sure to follow up with him.

Connect with Jared Alto: Instagram



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