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Confetti triumph with the empowering "Nobody Like Me" from their debut album

Based between Nashville and LA, yet calling the internet their home, Confetti's irrefutably fun and uniquely satirical brand of alt-pop-rock has fast forged them a colorful path entirely of their own. The start of 2021 sees both the duo's debut LP and the first act of a series, The Circus, with "Nobody Like Me," standing out as a modern anthem for self-confidence.

In a world led by social media, it's easy to fall down the self-destructive rabbit hole of not feeling good enough, and this track arrives like an antidote. In an email statement, Conrad shares to the matter that, “this song goes out to all those confident in who they are, but not quite confident enough to let others who they admire know. More times than not, we’ve found ourselves on the side of missed opportunities and heartbreaks, but not anymore! Our secret admirers are secret no more. From stalker to sweetheart, creep to sweet - this song is assured to let everyone know what you’ve known all along... there’s nobody like me. damnit.”

Atop warm guitars and unfaltering rhythms sits the confident vocal, delivered in a manner so catchy that it's hard to not get instantly swept up by the addictive melodies and vivid platitudes that imbue an authentic sense of personal empowerment. Fetti concludes in the same statement that, “I’ve been on the wrong side of missed opportunities and frustrating dating life too many times to count. Conrad really hit me in the feels with his lyrics and I think it will relate to the rest of the circus as well.”

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