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Liam Mour shares his transcendent EP "Dreaming Of A Better Place"

Life is strange at the moment. Fact. Daily routines are becoming monotonous and even a government-approved daily stroll isn't helping to shift the weight of the depths of our minds. But just when you think there's not much to help lift the darkness, Berlin-based electronic producer Liam Mour drops an EP filled with uplifting tunes perfected for an instant boost of serotonin. 

Opening with the rising "When I Look Into Your Eyes" the EP promises an indulgent experience. Cruising through uplifing melodies, the track takes its listener on a journey of intricate self-production and synth-powered weightlessness. While "Nineteen Ninety" is an electronic dreamscape of energetic pulses, "Love" swifts you off into another world with it's sitar-focused melody lines and heady beats. Hitting a darker moment on the ambient "Waking After Accident", its anxiety-inducing undercurrents flow into your ears, heightening apprehensiveness and causing an agitated sense of alarm, all before coming to an abrupt end. On penulimate track "Caravan", there's an amalgamation of haunting normality, while EP closer and title track "Dreaming Of A Better Place" concludes things nicely with elegant arrangements and a powerful balance of sonic familiarity.

“For me, Dreaming Of A Better Place is like a movie in which the unexpected takes you on a journey to your conscience," says Mour. "You will be thrown off course unpredictably, and it is not clear until the end whether this is really happening or if it's just a dream. It doesn't matter either, because the music would be the same in any of those realities."

As a whole, this EP is transformative. At its core, it's an electronic EP that delves into different soundscapes and melodies. But with the current world situation, it offers much more than just sound. Dreaming Of A Better Place provides comfort and an outlet for pure escapism by letting your mind wander into endless prismatic worlds. Liam Mour has provided a glimpse of happiness and hope in a time that feels endless.

If it isn't clear already then Liam Mour deserves an abundance of praise for this masterpiece of an EP that provokes optimism through electronic bliss. Dreaming of A Better Place has allowed mindfulness to prevail.

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