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Tessa Kaye takes on society’s unfair expectations in “Smile More”

Ever heard the term “resting bitch face” used to label a female with a constant frown and thought that maybe it comes from society’s standard for women to appear pleasant most of the time? Los Angeles-based R&B talent Tessa Kaye releases her bright and quirky anthem “Smile More” detailing just that. Explaining how our self-worth should outweigh the need to please others, this shimmering track speaks the blunt truth we are all thinking. Kaye’s soft, soulful vocals slide atop gentle arrangements creating a delectable, dreamy feel. She reveals in a statement, "Every woman I know has stories of times they’ve been told to smile… usually from men, and complete strangers at that. I’ve also experienced this countless times myself since I was a little girl.”

Kaye, like most women, continuously deals with unfair double standards, but the singer also faced other hardships as well. Being raised Mormon and growing up in a predominantly white community in Utah did not come without its difficulties. Leaving Utah in early adulthood and moving to the West Coast, she took her past experiences and used those as fuel for her riveting releases. Now a more bold and confident Kaye, she fearlessly expresses her most intimate feelings.

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