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Sam Blacky makes an explosive debut with her dance single "Too Late"

LA-based DJ and producer Sam Blacky has made an explosive debut single "Too Late," which serves as the introduction to Sam’s underground-influenced house and techno sound.

Blacky's "Too Late" opens with disco-inspired vocals and a kickdrum-driven bassline, quickly taking the listener into an underlying late-night vibe that reflects prominent her DJ sets. This debut single is out of Blacky's very own label Stabby Records, which will house her cutting-edge music and from other artists, representing the same sonic vision.

2021 looks to be a big year for Sam with more feel-good, party/dance anthems on the horizon, and without the limitations of an external label, she is able to experiment and adjust her music according to her preference and creative vision.

Connect with Sam Blacky: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter



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