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Nathan Day looks skyward with "She Came Down From The Stars" [Video]

UK-based singer-songwriter and producer Nathan Day's solo project continues to spread its wings with his third single to date, the hooky and addictive indie-psych cut, "She Came Down From The Stars."

In an attention economy, Day opts for his natural affinity for stellar songwriting over the myriad of trendy ear-grabbing thrills to gain traction, thus far crafting a small but bulletproof back catalogue. Day is clearly no novice, with his background as the frontman of British rock band Darlia informing this new venture, albeit trading in much of the grungier shades of Darlia's palette for bright pop sensibilities of his own.

Opening with a nostalgic sense of familiarity, the warped synth melody and almost lackadaisical guitar carries warm and carefree energy, recalling the sounds of Weezer and MGMT. Breaking into the verse, his distinct vocal style masterfully balances melody with swagger, with each unique passage pulling you in further. An air of adolescent fun sustains "She Came Down From The Stars" and is compounded by the tongue-in-cheek video, which sees Day bring the song's lyrical and musical themes to life, and causing some alien-related mischief in the process.

As the anticipation plateaus into the stadium-ready chorus, echoes of iconic rock stars through the ages come through, and with such consistent quality as this, Day is well on his way to joining them.

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