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Cinematic pop angel Ava Kay the releases freeing “Wild Again”

Canadian singer/songwriter Ava Kay unveils her debut single “Wild Again.” A combination of otherworldly sensations created by her engrossing, ethereal soundscapes, Kay demonstrates her ability to craft divinely polished and spine-tingling pop music in this haunting new release. It's quite simply spellbinding.

The atmosphere rises like smoke in "Wild Again," creating a vast atmosphere along with Kay’s vocals, which are not only soft and intimate, but haunting in their own beautiful way. Each word sung penetrates your heart and leaves a lasting impression in each moment. The piano is classical, soft and irresistible, the strings slowly climb and introduce themselves before the dynamics lower to rise again. The emotions played out through both the production and vocals will blow you back. The word cinematic doesn't do justice to how truly affecting and ethereal the aura of “Wild Again” is. It sets your soul free amongst the euphoric string sections and raindrop piano. Despite the pick of instruments being seemingly minimal, the song is exploding in fulfilment, with Kay’s silverey, backing vocals floating in and out of the track, organically intertwining amongst the paradise of sound.

Often describing her music as an expression or release, “Wild Again” is exactly that. Like a flow of a golden stream the song is as raw and vulnerable as they come. Kay takes no corners with her songwriting being 100% authentic to her deepest emotions. This song will elicit powerful emotions and feelings, most definitely worth indulging in.

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