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Jeune Lio teams up with Oxlade, Didi B & Chrystel on "SGFA (Sexy Girl From Abidjan)" Feat [video]

Rising Côte d'Ivoire-based DJ Jeune Lio newest release "SGFA (Sexy Girl From Abidjan)" is a sultry upbeat tune that pays homage to the beautiful women from the country’s capital. The bouncy cut sees him working with the trio of singer Oxlade, rapper Didi B, and singer Chrystel. Bolstered by a sensual, pulsating backdrop, Oxlade lays a catchy chorus and a verse with his commanding vocals as Didi B delivers effortless fiery performance. Chrystel's honeyed vocals serve as a warm backup throughout the track but she also gets some shine on her solo section. 

The visual is helmed by directors Samuel OUEDRAOGO and Foolwithacamera who help bring the celebration to life by putting Ivorian women front and center while capturing the city’s vibrant energy and Jeune Lio’s fun-loving personality. Each artist gets ample screen time but Jeune Lio makes sure to show off a variety of Ivorian women who are the true stars of the video. The featured artists bring their own unique energy to the scene, each displaying charisma that leaps off the screen. The video for SGFA reflects not only his love for his people but his pride in the beauty of blackness and black women in particular. He wants people to come and witness the beauty of Abidjan and he’s telling the world about his city, one song at a time. 

Stream/download "SGFA (Sexy Girl From Abidjan)" on all DSPs here.

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