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TALIA releases "HML" just in time for Valentine's Day

TALIA is a Caribbean-American multi-disiplinary artist who pulls inspiration from a variety of genres to transform her intimate thoughts into into emotional songs that have all the drama and intensity of the Weeknd or SZA. After releasing the track "Shiver," TALIA has spent quarantine immersed in writing music and makes a return with the heavy hitter "HML" just in time for Valentine's Day. 

"HML" offers steady, thumping percussion and atmospheric synths that take TALIA's tender vocals to a new level. The track feels warm and inviting, and as TALIA says: "my goal was to create something that reflected the desire of that inner emotional world. I write my best when it’s heart and body to paper.” "HML" delivers smooth retro-inspired guitar riffs and a cool acoustic outro that makes it an ideal track to add to any Valentine's Day playlist.

TALIA harnessed the disruptive creative energy of quarantine to create a lush track that speaks to her intimate thoughts and feelings, and we have more TALIA to look forward to as she is set to drop her debut EP "headrush" on Quadio Records later this year. 

Connect with TALIA: Instagram

Download on: Spotify | SoundCloud

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