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Shawn Mathews is feeling the "Sunshine" in latest single

Following his biggest releases to date with “Wanna Be” and “Next To Me” last year, up and coming Pennsylvania talent Shawn Mathews returns for 2021 with feel good single "Sunshine", available now.

As the clouds finally break for this rising 20 year old with what felt like a never-ending 2020, "Sunshine" is a personal narrative from Mathews who finds himself having more optimistic and sunnier days as he becomes closer to his lover. Naturally, he also sought out more confidence and success in himself as he enters the new year: 

“I feel like 2020 was a pretty long and depressing year for most people, myself included. But as the fall semester was ending and the new year was approaching I tried to make an effort to do whatever I could to make the most out of 2021. Even though it was little things like keeping a consistent schedule, or working out, or making sure I’m spending quality time with those I love; these little things all add up. As a result, through this first month of the new year, I feel way better than last year and feel hopeful that this year overall will be way better.”

Packed with grooving bass and up beat riffs, "Sunshine" finds influence in the similar joyful tones of Rex Orange County whilst moulding to a sound that is uniquely Shawn Mathews with both rugged and soft vocal capabilities. With radiant melodies that inject boosts of serotonin on every note, "Sunshine" is equally a sun-kissed anthem and an all year round bop with its elevating qualities.

Fusing pop, indie and R&B that is underpinned by mellow soundscapes and vibrant riffs and synths, Mathews is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer and instrumentalist that has nurtured a sound that is distinctly his own. Now finding gratitude in the little things that at times may have originally gone unnoticed, Shawn Mathews shines in the spotlight for a positive year ahead.

Shawn Mathews' "Sunshine" is out now, buy /stream here.

Connect with Shawn Mathews: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Acoustic · Alt-Pop · Alternative R&B · Indie · Indie Pop · Pop


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9 months ago

Love the lyrics and great to dance to!👍☺❤

9 months ago

Love the lyrics and great dance music!👍☺❤