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C19 starts 2021 with an introspective new single, "1Day"

Independent artist C19, hailing from Cary, North Carolina, is back with his newest single, “1Day”. An introspective and reflective track, “1Day” is C19 at his best. Making music from his college dorm, his DIY setup has allowed him to weave his influences into his own unique sound. 

“1Day”sees a sentimental side of the artist, as he opens up about his struggles, wishing and hoping for better days. C19’s delivery is powerful, as the frustration and emotion are clear in his voice. The production, driven by a simple guitar lick, compliments the overall tone of the track well. Altogether, the wavy flows and production come together to create a reflective and lowkey track to add to the late-night driving playlist. 

While still young in his career, it seems like C19 is finding his sound, ready to break onto the scene. The track is off to a hot start, and with a couple thousand streams in just under a week, it’s his biggest release to date. It’ll be exciting to see how C19 capitalizes on this momentum.

Connect with C19: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Hip-Hop · Indie Pop · Rap


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Cole Hoff
Cole Hoff
8 months ago

I can't believe y'all kno ab c19 - he's my fav underground artist rn !