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Ronnie Watts releases "Go Get Famous (In California)" project

One might disagree with the saying "you can never have too much of a good thing," but indie pop artist Ronnie Watts is here to prove that wrong. A year ago, Watts released her breakout single, “Famous in California”, a beautiful piano ballad. Now, she’s revisiting the track, bundling the original piano version with a fresh, new guitar-driven rendition that’s equally – if not more – powerful. She calls the package Go Get Famous (In California).

The track deals with the heartbreak Watts experienced when all of her friends left for college in California, leaving her a little lonesome back in New York. One always struggles to adjust to the change of leaving for college, but Watts focuses on a new and personal perspective on how others’ big moves changed her.

Watts explained more about those coming-of-age themes in the song, stating that it’s “about the feelings that come with being young. We feel so deeply, everything feels like a movie. I wanted the lyrics to depict those cinematic experiences. Having written this song over a year ago, it’s funny to look back on what I was feeling then. I’ve lived a lot since then, but this song still means so much to me.”

This new version features a slow-strummed guitar. It allows for her voice to ring out just a little longer. The end introduces a layer of harmonies, giving that extra power as Watts gives that final surrender to love. It shows the new skills and styles Watts has developed as an artist. However, by hearing these two tracks – released a year apart from each other – side by side, audiences get to hear her emotional growth and self-reflection.

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