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Ebony Buckle unveils tribute to a lonely whale in the intergalactic "Wonder"

London artist Ebony Buckle is known for her captivating stories and quirky spirit and her latest single "Wonder" encompasses just that. The first track from her upcoming debut album Disco Lasers, “Wonder” (co-written and produced by Nick Burns) is a compassionate tribute to the natural wonder of whale song. A very specific whale to be precise. One that sung at a unique frequency of 52hz and who was thought to not be heard by any other whales. Buckle curated “Wonder” with the intention of revealing the beauty in whale song and they true power it holds.

In the accompanying video, created by animator Luke Taylor and videographer Sky Zhou, the scenes ooze in hazy galaxies and surreal, astral, galactic shots of Buckle as a celestial space traveller lost and deserted from her home. The whale call is a call for togetherness and connection, despite being in a vast ocean of space, she finds herself in wonder of the captivating worlds she discovers. The song has an aura of holding onto the wonder inside of us singing, “this world is full of wonder.”

The vocals are absolutely impeccable, with a voice that can only be described as angelic. The rise and falls are silky and bewitching. The organ-esque synth keys are grand and wildly moving, not to forget the haunting strings that play divinely and the overall goosebump inducing sounds. The production is totally rich and filling yet somewhat simple in its approach to instrumentation. Much like the universe and the ocean, it's beautiful, vast and empty yet rich in life and complexity. The textures are compelling and the vocals chanting “Hello” replicate a whale call which is effortlessly intertwined amongst the song, washing you in shivers. Buckle’s voice glides across the production, creating an elegant and trippy essence that will definitely transport you to another planet of your own.

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