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Su Lee takes a break from “All the Noise” in new single [Video]

Social media and technology live all around us. Even though we may enjoy it at times, it’s normal to want to silence our cell phones for a while. Su Lee knows how you feel, and has expressed that feeling in her new alt-pop single “All the Noise.”

Lee works where she eats, in just her small box room in Seoul, Korea. Nonetheless, when one hears her work, they’ll see how it’s worked out in her favor. The production carries a steady tempo, accented with chimes and resonant keys. However, it’s Su’s voice -- hearty, yet velvety – that really adds the passion. While the verses explain her frustrations, her choruses are those of her letting them go.

Su admitted that the track, “...is about my addiction to social media and how it often contributes to feeling inferior. […] I wrote this song as a reminder to never let it compromise who I am and my own uniqueness." In the lyrics, one will hear how she takes this experience beyond herself, reminding and encouraging listeners not to let the toxicity of technology get them down.

As the song progresses, the production builds, rich with complexities. Su's lustrous vocals melt into honeyed oo's and aa's that provide warm atmospherics. What starts as frustration turns into defiant self-possession by the end of "All The Noise," with Su singing the repeating lyrics, "I just want to feel alive."

The accompanying music video presents Lee’s range of creativity even more. All taking place in the comfort of her room, she plays multiple characters along with adding digital elements and animations. Unique, and COVID-friendly!

Connect with Su Lee: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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