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Lu Wright examines the need to put on a brave face in “British Daisy”

A cozy release teeming with warmth, Londoner Lu Wright unveils her new single “British Daisy”. In a world where recently things have seemed lonely and cold, it is nice to take solace in comforting tracks such as this one.

The song stuns with sturdy, soulful vocals gracefully floating atop classic soundscapes of soothing horns and gentle drums. This tantalizing pop/R&B jam details the façade of putting out a tough exterior, when really we are feeling so much hurt inside. After being in a toxic relationship where the singer felt her self-worth diminishing, she knew she needed to break free. This song is her talking herself through her fight to leave and the bad habits that remain.

Known for her highly emotive sound and lush jazzy arrangements, Wright's offerings possess a beautiful blend of soul and R&B.  Growing up in a home surrounded by music, she would listen to everything from Nina Simone and Sam Cooke to Outkast and Eminem. This wide range of inspirations led her to the versatile sound she delivers today. Though this pandemic has placed a lot of things on hold, Wright continues to work diligently on her music.

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Pop · R&B · Soul


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