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Lo Village's 'Lost In America' is a response to 2020

After dropping a slew of singles throughout last year, the Gaithersburg, Maryland-based trio Lo Village culminate their mission with the release of their track EP Lost In America. The EP is their sophomore effort and it's a combination of their artistic growth, life experiences during the lockdown amidst all the chaos and global upheaval. The trio offers a refreshing insight into real-time issues like societal constructs, police brutality, and self-awareness amongst others.

The EP opens up with "Sick," a punchy bass guitar-driven track that deals with gun violence, systemic oppression, and the need for change. Ama takes charge here with an impassioned delivery and a plea for peace followed by Kane and Charles' vivid detail of unwarranted killings. The record is a bit gloomy but helps set the tone for the rest of the project by sparking a gripping subject.

"Terry Crews" follows suit and pokes fun at the concept of minorities who feel having money will make them immune to the core issues affecting them. The track comprises a silky alluring texture and punchy bounce courtesy of Frankie Scoca while the trio exchange thoughtful verses, with a title referring to the actor of the same name who sparked some debate on race relations last year. The title track takes an unapologetic look at the state of affairs and how disenfranchised minorities are while also reflecting on being cut off from their roots. Ama provides a valid interpolation of Bob Marley's "Buffalo Soldier" while the emcees talk about the numerous pressures they face as young black men.

For a 5-track EP, the trio sure put together a body of work that expresses their true intentions. It is a mix of conscious and bravado raps, soulful melodic performances but more importantly, it serves as a much-needed reality check.

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