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Charles on TV explores toxic masculinity with latest single "Strongman"

With the recent political unrest at the United States Capital Building and the rising theme of authoritarianism in America, Charles on TV has delivered "Strongman" at the perfect time; using music to take a satirical dive into the ever-current themes of toxic masculinity, white fragility, and the role they play in the current political climate.

"Strongman" marks Charles's second release and the budding synth-soul artist out of Brooklyn is using it to make quite the introduction for himself. Using the medium of music to deliver commentary on an important theme, the song documents Charles' thoughts and conversations both had and overheard in the context of the recent political and social unrest that has been growing in presence over the past year. Charles explores the cycles of hypocrisy within himself and those around him as well as the structures that make the current world exist as it does; referencing Western colonization, the cultural politics of masculinity, and more.

On "Strongman" Charles blends R&B, funk, and synth-pop influences to create a delightful mix of tones that merge to deliver a laid back and groovy record. Finding a perfect crossroad, Charles is able to incorporate a retro feel while maintaining a fresh and current vibe through the track. The production elements Charles uses builds a compelling and interesting soundscape that keeps the listener engaged with bits of airy synths and saxophone that fade in and out and various times during the course of the song.

If "Strongman" is any indication of what's yet to come from Charles we are in for a treat. Charles is planning to release his debut EP in March 2021. 

Connect with Charles on TV: Spotify | SoundCloudInstagram

Neo-Soul · R&B · Synth Pop


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