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AJRadico goes five for five with "Ballhog" [Video]

New York City's AJRadico has released another compelling single and music video for his latest "Ballhog." The producer, rapper, and vocalist has used his first five tracks to establish a quality guarantee held up by his unique take on found sounds and, more generally, his ability to architect a soundscape. Much like a cut sprout he is able to plant a piece of sound and then relocate it into a larger, independent environment.  Specifically, "Armor" places its listener in bustling Midtown Manhattan and "Vertigo" rides by night, lit by neon and anticipation. 

Now, "Ballhog" takes this immersive experience a step further: its angular synths serving art deco, placing escapist virtual reality glasses where the pandemic has made many of these memories temporarily unavailable. Beautiful, rippling swells build into a tough bass groove as AJ boasts, "when its all gone I make it back." His endearing pen game continues into moments from, "I threw a broom on the floor so they passed the kitchen" and "What you call an all-star, like Shrek?" This track is ideal for multiple listens as production details jump out each time as the vocals are pushed slightly forward, but there is a crowd of chipmunk background vocalists offering adlibs and the spaceship keys develop into ambitious runs. 

This attention to detail is continued into the visuals for this track as AJ works another elevated video, albeit from a new perspective. Rather than being picked out in a crowd, he places himself as the main character in his bedroom or brief wooded areas, hidden from the city. His shot is sunburst, intermittently blurring focus on his cool jacket as he plays Bonnie and Clyde—money trailing the get-a-way.  

Stay up to date on AJ via the links below as he continues the rollout for his upcoming, debut EP. In the meantime, see what he had to say about the project, video games, fashion, and New York. 

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