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Blu DeTiger stays ahead of the crowd with "Vintage"

Blu DeTiger is entering 2021 on top. “Vintage,” the new single from the bass-playing singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ is the badass anthem that proves her TikTok virality is not skin-deep, but is backed by a very unique musicianship.  

“Always holds the door but I found him in a mosh pit,” she sings about her new love interest, someone who is simply another addition to her outfit. The obviously bass-heavy track is seductive in all the right areas: the chorus’ layered vocals make Blu seem like someone who is leading the crowd as the coveted it-girl. And maybe, that’s because it’s true.

Since she played CBGB at just seven years old, Blu has been destined for a life outside of the ordinary. She used to DJ during her days at NYU and pull out her bass in the middle of a set, and even toured with Caroline Polachek long before her bass cover videos gained popularity on TikTok. “Vintage” solidifies that her success is a long time coming, and her stardom seems effortless because she’s been at this for a while. 

Light synths lingers in the background while steady drums let her voice and her own bass line lead the song. Her voice is more authoritative on “Vintage” than ever before, sounding in control and confident as we delve further into her growing funk-filled discography and discover her innate virtuosity. 

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