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Jane Inc. releases powerful new track "Steel"

Toronto-based Jane Inc., the new project of Carlyn Bezic, known for her work as part of U.S Girls and Ice Cream, has shared a new single "Steel".  The track offers an energetic and dynamic glimpse into Bezic's artistry and production prowess on her forthcoming album Number One, out on Telephone Explosion Records on March 19, 2021.

"Steel" opens with hard synths and thumping drums that belong to an action movie chase scene soundtrack or an ominous video game landscape.  Sharp guitar riffs permeate the song and bleed into the vocal melodies like neon city lights reflected on rain soaked concrete. Thematically the track drives home the increasing work/life imbalance that makes cities feel hollow and soulless. "'Steel' is about the frustration of living to work and working to live," explains Carlyn, "while condominiums (and the policy and bureaucracy that nurture them) slowly turn your hometown into a husk."

Jane Inc. delivers layered instrumentals and thoughtful lyrics that explore the self in an ever changing and nebulous world. Catch more of Jane Inc.'s sonic explorations on Number One, out Telephone Explosion Records March 19th 2021.

Connect with Jane Inc.: Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp | Youtube

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