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PVLMS releases a four track lofi EP 'All The Time'


Lexi Sacco and Frank Stevens, also known as PVLMS, take on an ambient lo-fi approach on a new EP entitled All The Time. The four track release finds a fitting home on Justin Jay's Fantastic Voyage. Along with music featured on the label in the past, the duo has also had releases on Room Temp, 698293 Records DK, Nite Records, and Lo Fi Till I Die Records. The Los Angeles based duo takes listeners on journey as the EP progresses. The release displays the perfect balance of ambient sounds intertwined with the elements of lofi house.

"We’ve moved 7 times in the past year and a half," the duo says. "This EP manifested itself based on both our ambitions and unforeseen setbacks. We all know that 2020 was a strange year. We hope this release leaves you feeling more clarity looking ahead to the future.”

The EP represents a story being told by the two artists. The title track kicks off the release in an up-tempo and melodic fashion. "All the Time" references how they've coped with everyday life which as 2020 showed, can be a real struggle. Next up is "Coastal Service", the duo adds an eclectic feel to this one incorporating vocals and tasteful synths. The third track on the release entitled " How They Move" adds a groovy twist to the release while maintaining the ambient vibe the duo was going for. Closing out the EP "After" represents getting over hardships, the track concludes the release on melodically bright note.

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Ambient House · Dance · Lo-Fi


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