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Edwin Raphael knows it’s not his “Time to Sink”

It’s hard not to hear chill pop artist Edwin Raphael’s hushed, elegant vocals and not feel like you’re being serenaded. One might’ve first felt that with last single, “Sea of Things”, which gave off warm honeyed tones with its elongated bass and lyrics. Today, Edwin Raphael shares a new single “Time to Sink”, which has a similar theme in terms of bodies of water, but is completely different in its sound and tone. 

Raphael understands that this track might sound different than others, perhaps a little bleaker. Nonetheless, he’s still proud of his courage to be completely honest. “This came from a place of hopelessness and bitterness at oneself. However, the song also reflects an openness to see it for what it is. It’s a void you’ve been avoiding, it’s an answer you always knew but were scared to dive into. ‘Time to Sink’ is really a tipping point of finally looking under the veil that was most obvious. […] I think there’s a lovely and beautiful weightlessness to that last second you feel before hitting the water in a dive, I think this song encapsulates that split second.”

Fortunately, his thoughts and feelings fully reveal themselves in the song’s production. The track begins with lonesome guitar pluck, gradually accompanied by buzzing vocals and subdued horns until the track fades into an interlude of uncertainty. However, the track comes together when willingness reveals itself in the third act with yearning vocals, a rejuvenating guitar melody, and the addition of victorious drums. “Time to Sink” embraces stillness even when life continues to shift back and forth with light.

Listen to “Time to Sink”, out now via Dine Alone Records. Watch out for when his new EP Staring at Ceilings comes out February 26, 2021.

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