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Heather Rivas is falling deep in new single "Think of Me"

Los Angeles born and bred singer-songwriter Heather Rivas explores the pitfalls of infatuation in her stirring new single. Entitled "Think of Me" the downtempo tune features intricate guitars, colorful trip-hop infused beats and a climatic chorus that just screams emotional release. Thematically "Think of Me" is about adoration for someone who isn't the right fit. Rivas confides, "A lot of us have been in a place where we realize we’re late in communicating or we just avoid it all together because it’s uncomfortable. Most of the time, infatuation is pretty unhealthy and I don’t think most of us ever want to admit out loud that we’ve been infatuated with someone."

Heather Rivas is known for touring as a backup musician performing worldwide as a keyboardist for famed artists including Jacob Banks. Her solo project is a fresh mix of witty lyricisms and warm vocals over unique soundscapes that showcase her multitude of influences from Riot Grrrl to grunge, pop and 60s soul. Her music can best be described as an early Lily Allen meets Sylvan Esso with the fierceness of Hole thrown in. What is so special about Rivas is her uncanny ability to discuss the dynamic of relationships and how much is left unspoken for. Rivas in her music urges listeners to have open and honest conversations with each other to lead to more healing and understanding.

Ease into your week and take a listen to "Think of Me" now.

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