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Christopha Gordon is going for first place on the "Run Down"

There are many layers to the man known as Christopha Gordon. Born and raised in Hackney and Islington, the man is a tech marketing guru, writer and has bars for days. From what I garnered he took a six year hiatus from making music and returned with an EP last year titled Hidden.  Fast forward to 2021 and he is back with a new single "Run Down" that fully explains his journey and a renewed love for this rap thing.

The track is an energetic hard-hitting jam that displays Gordon's fiery and insightful style and also sees him go back to his grime roots to show listeners that he is still in the game. He summarily explains his progression and despite all the numerous setbacks and obstacles he still made it through.  His pen game is quite sharp and he proceeds to trim the fat with matter-of-factly lyrics that reveal a bit of the man in him.  He vows to "give em more than yall expect" and promises to no longer stay hidden so expect more music from the man.

If you love upbeat grime music that fires you up in the morning then you should get Get "Run Down" on all DSPs here.

Connect with Christopha Gordon: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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