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Harmony Byrne's "Daisy Chains" is an ode to restlessness

Harmony Byrne's new song "Daisy Chains," the latest off her new EP The Songs I Sing When No One Is Listening, is a captivating collection of soul-baring minimalistic anthems.

A gentle guitar strumming sets the scene for Byrne's ethereal vocals. From the start of "Daisy Chains," the listener is left captivated by her multi-layered vocals that are both soothing yet subtly haunting. 

The meaning of the song is abstract. Byrne explains in a recent press release, "Layers of meaning constantly reveal themselves to me and hopefully to the listener...However, I do also know what this song is about for me, but that is for me to know, not for you."

"Daisy Chains" plays like a poem, a string of thoughts that all feel applicable to the restless moods and shifts from the past year. Each verse contains multitudes, individual worlds, and when paired with that sparse production proves that there's divine in the simple. When she sings, "I'm so sorry darling, but I'm not for you," it breaks your heart.

Byrne's new EP The Songs I Sing When No One Is Listening, was recorded in the Australian Bush, and the solitude served as the perfect background. Byre was raised in a Mormon family, and her first taste of music was church music and rock n' roll. She was always drawn to the nostalgic music of the past, and you can feel that influence in her work.

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