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Essy explores the crave for authenticity in "Cry For Me"

Following on from the release of Essy's debut EP, Second Thoughts, in 2020, one of the freshest voices out of the U.S., the Nashville-based artist has returned with her first single of 2021, "Cry For Me".

Albeit the subject matter, "Cry For Me" is a much needed, upbeat, synth-pop anthem that sees Essy touch on the subject of feelings. While her production value is definitely influenced by her electronic background, Essy's four-on-the-floor drum arrangements and side-chained synth assortments are offset by simplistic vocals and storytelling that give her material a more organic, less digitally enhanced vibe.

The song was inspired by the highs and lows of online dating during the Coronavirus pandemic — it's about craving authenticity and raw emotion from someone who's more concerned with their pride and outward image. "Cry For Me" was written to encourage a deeper conversation about toxic masculinity.

This is also the third cut from her sophomore album, due out for release in the first quarter of 2021.

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Synth Pop


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