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Menahan Street Band share second single "The Duke" from upcoming project

Menahan Street Band are a music lover's dream. Ever since their debut Make the road by walking in 2008, the band seeped into our consciousness with their edgy and dramatic sounds that blur the lines between jazz, afrobeat, and funk. With that being said, the band just released their new single "The Duke," the follow up to the lead single to their upcoming project, “Midnight Morning."

"The Duke" is exactly what the music doctor ordered and the band deliver the goods tenfold. From the dynamic arrangements, seamless transitions, and the use of rhythm and blues as the foundation, the band sure show off their skill set in the span of 2 minutes and then some. The track is ladened with glorious horns, warm organ melodies peppered by pulsating basslines that play off the rousing drums. There is never a dull moment here and each instrument is afforded its own breathing space down to the breakdown section where the drummer and bassist team up for a resounding faceoff.

"The Duke" is from the band's The Exciting Sounds of Menahan Street Band, out February 26th via Daptone Records. Pre-order the project here.

The Exciting Sounds of Menahan Street Band Tracklisting

1. Midnight Morning

2. Rainy Day Lady

3. The Starchaser

4. Silkworm

5. Cabin Fever

6. Rising Dawn

7. Glovebox Pistol

8. Queens Highway

9. Snow Day

10. Parlor Trick

11. The Duke

12. Stepping Through Shadow

13. Devil’s Respite

14. There Was A Man

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