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WheelUP shares groovy "Good Love" with Afronaut, Brint Story & Destiny Will

West-London artist WheelUP (some may know him as Danny Wheeler) is a man who wears many hats, from Djing on pirate radios, rocking the decks around the globe to A&Ring and producing his own projects. The veteran DJ, drum & bass producer, and head-honcho of W10 Records is back in the field with a new single titled "Good Love" which also serves as the title track to his forthcoming album.

"Good Love" captures the essence of the bruk genre (or broken beat) infused with neo-soul melodies and the vibrant energy of hip-hop. WheelUp also shows his team player mindset as he taps the talents of his longtime collaborator Afronaut , Alabama emcee Brint Story and singer Destiny Will. From the moment you hit the play button, you get a sense of nostalgia from the low warm keys that meshes perfectly with the pulsating basslines and punchy drums that encompass a wide range of genres. Story stays in pocket with his fast-paced flow while Will adds a beautiful melodic punch into the mix and the result is a groovy feel-good song that everyone can rock with. I won't necessarily call this a party jam but it is well suited for a laidback lounge-type situation and a great starter to kick off the evening. 

"Good Love" is the title track of WheelUP's forthcoming LP scheduled to drop via Tru Thoughts. Pre-order it here.

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Hip-Hop · Soul-Hop


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