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Bad Heather is back with the scathing sophomore cut "Her Sorry"

Bad Heather, the freshly dynamic and articulate alter ego of Utah-based alt-pop savant Porter Chapman, returns with his second single to date, "Her Sorry."


His debut, "Juliet," balanced sharply arranged, nostalgia-tinted euphoria with poignant, love-addled lyricism and the follow-up perseveres on that same sonically and emotively unique path. Changing focus from a misguided romance of "Juliet," to one that's soured on "Her Story," it's becoming clear that the many shades of modern love are a driving force behind his eagerly anticipated forthcoming debut EP.

"I wrote "Her Sorry" about my toxic ex," explains Chapman in an email statement. "I was done with all of her drama, her lame excuses for being terrible to me and everyone around her. She was hedonistic to the point of being a sad cliché. Needless to say, I don't miss her." Undoubtedly, the imbued sensations of amorous exasperation come through from the word go and maintain throughout without scuppering an ounce of the chameleonic effervescence that's fast becoming a hallmark of his.

The kaleidoscopic cohesion of punk-tinged guitars, hard-hitting drums, unrelenting addictive melodies, and enveloping synth work all coalesce to deliver the many relatable emotions of his vocal, crafting vivid imagery with each release. He concludes in the same statement, "This is one of the most direct songs I've ever written, but who doesn't want to tell their terrible ex to fuck right off? The chorus is light and bubbly because I'm stoked to be rid of her. There's also a hardcore punk vibe to the track. I thrashed the drums really hard on this one."

"Her Sorry" is available now via Wonderwild Records.

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